My Review of ‘Thor’

This picture was created based on Marvel comics character Thor. The film was filmed in California and New Mexico.

Thor, known as the god of thunder, is an imperious warrior who has a lot to find out about his future and his obligations as king. Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, accidentally starts a war with a different world. This action angers his dad, the king of Asgard, Anthony Hopkins, who doesn’t have any other option but to banish him to another domain, Earth. His father is pained by this but it should be achieved to keep the peace and also to instruct the ways of leadership to Thor.


Thor is sent via the porthole, stripped of his lands and powers in New Mexico, unconscious. Everyone believes Thor is really a crazy man, except Jane. Unfortunately these were not the only ones to detect the action in the desert of New Mexico. Before long government agents swarm in and build a compound across the hammer that no-one can go to. Only the one that is worthy can hold the hammer. But Thor was deemed unworthy.

Pleas were made to Loki to over throw the choice regarding Thor’s destiny and also to bring him home. However, Loki has his own strategies and to be able to meet them he desires that Thor be out of the way permanently. He notifies the warriors that if he were to bring Thor back it would begin a larger war and make the kingdom seem weak. 

Four warriors decide to take matters in their own hands, and with the aid of the gatekeeper they travel to Earth to find Thor. Thor must get his powers back and get home to Asgard to repair the mess he started. Thor kisses Jane adieu, not before promising to return for her, and travels back to Asgard. Thor must find his way back to his love, Jane save his dad and realm from Loki, and later.


Superheroes in the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics has created a very loyal fan base that has charmed people all over the world, children and adults alike. They have created superheroes that people look up to and admire, even ones that have boosted the morale of an entire country, such as Captain America. A lot of these superheroes have moved on from comic books to the big screen, such as Tony Stark, Thor, and Spiderman, just to name a few.

Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers have given great messages to people on how we can do good in the world and grow up to be patriotic to our country. They also show us the struggles of life, such as the X-Men, who were different than “normal” people. They give us hope and show us that being different isn’t a bad thing, just that most people are scared of things that are different from themselves. It’s not a stretch to say that there is a positive message in each and every Marvel Comic book.


There have been quite a few notable Marvel Characters that have gone on to become big cash cows for the company. These include the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and Daredevil, which have all had major motion pictures made about them. Among movies, there have been spin off television shows, action figures, memorabilia, and more. They are extremely valuable if you are a collector as well because some of the older merchandise is actually worth thousands of dollars these days. You can find pretty much anything online related to Marvel Comics and their characters.

I for one love Marvel Comics and I hope you do too because they are a great form of entertainment for people of all ages.