Four Awesome Marvel Comics that Everyone Should Read

There are tons of great Marvel Comics that you should check out, but below I will list my top 4 that I think every Marvel fan should read. They’re accessible to anyone and they don’t require extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe to enjoy them.


This comic book is a take on the Marvel Universe through the eyes of a photographer for the Daily Bugle, a fictions magazine based in the Marvel Universe. It isn’t like anything else and the premise is pretty simple – what would it be like to live life as an ordinary citizen in the Marvel Universe. It’s a great storyline created by Kurt Busiek, which spans several decades of comic book history. Phil Sheldon, the protagonist, takes shots of some of the biggest moments in Marvel history, including the arrival of Galactus as well as the death of Gwen Stacy. It’s a great storyline for anyone and die-hard fans and just regular readers alike will enjoy it.


The Inhumans was not a very popular comic at the time of it’s release, but it is a great story that deserves to be read. Alongside the artist of the comic, Jae Lee, the author, Paul Jenkins created an awesome tale that touched on subjects such as genetic diversity, adolescence, and metamorphosis. The villain in the story has to be one of the most amazing villains I’v ever come across in Marvel Comics. It’s definitely worth a read if you enjoy a good villain.

The Sentry TPB



Another awesome comic book is The Sentry TPB, who is the Marvel Universe’s equivalent of the famous DC¬†character, Superman. There’s not much to say other than that this is one of the most awesome comic books of all time. The trials and tribulations that this character goes through teaches us some very important lessons and makes us love him even that much more. If you enjoy any of the Marvel Comics, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Well that’s it, those are 4 of the most awesome comics in the Marvel Universe. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!The last comic we will look at is DareDevil. Don’t be put off by the film created because it didn’t really do the comic justice. It’s a series of over a dozen paperback books created by Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, and Ed Brubaker who lead the blind attorney turned superhero, Matt Murdock, down a dark and twisting path that many comic book characters haven’t experienced before. Through all this, DareDevil evolves and creates lasting relationships with the fans that experience the trouble that he went through. Another truly awesome comic that everyone should read at least once.