Superheroes in the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics has created a very loyal fan base that has charmed people all over the world, children and adults alike. They have created superheroes that people look up to and admire, even ones that have boosted the morale of an entire country, such as Captain America. A lot of these superheroes have moved on from comic books to the big screen, such as Tony Stark, Thor, and Spiderman, just to name a few.

Captain America, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers have given great messages to people on how we can do good in the world and grow up to be patriotic to our country. They also show us the struggles of life, such as the X-Men, who were different than “normal” people. They give us hope and show us that being different isn’t a bad thing, just that most people are scared of things that are different from themselves. It’s not a stretch to say that there is a positive message in each and every Marvel Comic book.


There have been quite a few notable Marvel Characters that have gone on to become big cash cows for the company. These include the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and Daredevil, which have all had major motion pictures made about them. Among movies, there have been spin off television shows, action figures, memorabilia, and more. They are extremely valuable if you are a collector as well because some of the older merchandise is actually worth thousands of dollars these days. You can find pretty much anything online related to Marvel Comics and their characters.

I for one love Marvel Comics and I hope you do too because they are a great form of entertainment for people of all ages.


The Best Villans in the Marvel Universe

If you want to named as some of the best villains in the Marvel Comic books you have to be pretty evil, clever, or unique and there is no shortage of villains that fit this bill. There are a few villains however that are some of the most evil characters you can imagine and most villains do not even hold a candle to them. The following villains are the ones that hold the top spot for most evil.

First off, the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man series, otherwise known as Norman Osborn. He’s definitely not the most powerful villain, but he is certainly one of the most evil. He terrorized Spider-Man again and again, even after his death. He is unpredictable, lacks a conscience, and depraved. His methods of being evil are unlike any other Marvel villains. Because of this he sits heads above the rest when it comes to villains in the Marvel Universe.


The next dastardly evil villain we have is Kingpin, otherwise known as Wilson Fisk. He is a massive man with an enormous amount of strength and quite a bit of money, which he uses to hire henchmen to make Daredevil’s life a living hell. He is one of the most ruthless villains in the Marvel Universe and he had no regards for life or for who he hurt. He felt like he was at the top of the world, at least the criminal world. If Daredevil had not taken him down he would certainly still be sitting atop his criminal empire, but for now he is regarded as one of the most ruthless villains.

Next there is Ultron, a Marvel character who terrorized the Avengers more than once. He is very intelligent and one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe for various reasons, but one that stands out is that he is not human. He has no heart or compassion, which makes his evil deeds just that much more despicable. His goal in life was to get rid of the Avengers and any other people who were foolish enough to stand in his way.

Finally, there is Magento who never stopped terrorizing the X-Men. No list of super-evil villains would be complete without him because what makes him so evil and deadly is his ability to control metal, including the iron that is present in our blood. Another reason why he is so deadly is the fact that he thinks he is doing the right thing and that his cause is the true cause, a truly terrible recipe for someone in power. With his abilities and drive to do what he thinks  is right there is no limit to his evilness.

There are tons and tons of other great villains in the Marvel Universe, but these are the ones that standout to me. These are the most evil characters in the Marvel Universe and each one has his reason for being so.

For more evil villains, check out this website about the War of Heroes.

War of Heroes – A New Genre of Gaming

Marvel Heroes was a game released back in 2007 that took place in the Marvel Universe. It was an MMORPG and it was great because you got to play as your favorite childhood heroes in a massively multiplayer, online video game. I really enjoyed the game because it was an awesome experience, very well built, and the community of Marvel fans is absolutely fantastic.

The game comes equipped with everything that gives Marvel fans exactly what they want in a Marvel video game. First of all, it’s free which you can’t beat! It’s good for the game and the community because it will build a loyal fan base fairly quickly. Also, the number of players will be a lot higher, much higher than most paid MMORPGs. The competition may be pretty fierce too, which is why I think this will become a great game for all types of players.

Probably the coolest feature of the game, and the one I’m most excited about, is getting to play your favorite Marvel characters. From Thor to Spiderman, and even Tony Stark, you get to play your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. I’ll probably be playing quite a few different ones just to get a feel and see who I really enjoy playing as. But right now I’m leaning towards Tony Stark (as I’m sure quite a few other people are as well), which leads me to my next point.


There may be quite a few Tony Starks running around in the game. This may be a deterrent to some people, but what I like to think is that you will be able to customize your character so you’re not exactly the same as tons of other people. To customize your character you are probably going to have to spend some serious in-game currency, but what else will you use it on. Just buy certain accessories and make your character truly yours and you will be good.

Another awesome feature of the game is that you will get to visit some awesome places in the Marvel Universe, probably places that you’ve read about in the comic books. Places like Avengers Tower and Savage Land are two places that I will most definitely be visiting. You’ll probably recognize tons of other places and little features if you’ve been following the comics quite a bit, I know I will.

All in all, I really enjoyed the game and I hope you do too. It’s a great game although it’s started to slow down from the bigger games like World of Warcraft. If you enjoy the Marvel Comic books I am 100% certain that you will enjoy Marvel Heroes.

Comic Books as Memorabilia

Marvel comics have existed for several years. It’s a subsidiary company of Walt-Disney. All of us have our faves and there are several that are still adored by-the new generation of children.


This really is one of the most well-known comics that have help lead the-way for all comics. Additionally they made certain to cover areas during crisis that assisted to boost moral. For example, when Captain America was introduced to the people, the American morale doing the war increased. It’s due to characters like this that these kinds of collectibles are often be extremely desired.

Among the biggest items that came from the masterpieces of the numerous characters which were produced within this business is the collectibles that’s so desired. You will find numerous products and services you could get your hands-on as it pertains to Marvel comics collectibles.

If you grew up-and was one-of the children that kept everything in-the package or stored your toys in perfect state, you might possess a treasure trove in these old products that are perhaps boxed away. You’ll never understand before you get those collectables out and do a little research in it. There are lots of things going for quite a bit of money on auction and market websites sites on the Internet. There is always a person that is looking for them who has already discovered their value and understands that there’s a big marketplace for them all.

Besides cashing in on the things which may be of quality, the additional added incentive is to be able to pass these collectibles on to your children. Who-knows, a product that you provide your child now to carry on the push for Marvel comics collection might be worth $5,000 today and-in 10-years as they maintain it in its collectable condition, it may receive the capability to increase to $10,000 or actually higher.

The history is there-and it’s possible to become part of it or introducing another person to the beauty that is Marvel Comics. Escape your mundane life and get your hands on a Marvel comic, you will not regret it.Actually using the old Marvel products you constantly have fresh characters and ideas coming out. This is the place where you should begin keeping on top-of things, as maybe not all series are a success and just numerous copies are created or offered. What exactly does this imply? This means a small fortune. When a chain is just formed a couple of copies and offered a couple of copies these comics can get really useful due to their own limited availability.